Elysian Records asked me to create a lyric video for this collaboration between Titus, Memba, & GIIA. The dark environments are illuminated by 3D lyrics as they passes through the scene.

Titus’ quick paced lyrics made it tricky to fit them all in. The solution was to show one word at a time, in the same spot; despite appearing for as little as 4-5 frames, most of the verses are legible while watching the video at full speed.

Free C4D Files & VJ Clips

These files are released under the Creative Commons license and are available for both commercial and non-commercial use. Feel free to use the assets, models, textures, scripts, ect from the C4D files.  

C4D files are within a .Zip which contains the corresponding textures for each project. 

C4D File – (Octane Render)

C4D File – (Octane Render)